(Delayed) Birthday Thoughts

I turned twenty-seven yesterday.

I have two fine lines on my forehead.

I went to the cinema twice last week. One of the films was in black and white, which made the scenes where blood was spilt, less vivid.

I was in the car with my mum the other day and we saw a submarine docked in the harbour, it looked like a black, mechanical whale, and I wished I could board it and sail on it as it burrowed itself into the dark core of the North Sea, and journeyed soundlessly through the still waters like an air ship moving through space, until it jettisoned itself out of the water into a new time and place.

I have recurrent insomnia.

I ate cake yesterday.

I turned twenty-six last year, I went to eat crepes with my college friends on Rathmines Road in Dublin, afterwards we went to the Bowery and drank cocktails and laughed a lot.

I miss Dublin sometimes, the canals with the willow trees that trail the water, the Dart that runs like an arrow from O`Connell street, up through Dawson street and on to leafy, suburbian Ranelagh, the many pubs with sticky countertops and music and loud people.

I wish I had a driving license.

I am single.

I turned seventeen ten years ago, back then I attended high school in the city centre, that winter the lake between the school and the bus station froze and snow fell on top of it, every day after school we would cross the lake to get home.

I am unemployed and live at home.

I want a Dark and Stormy.

I am reading too many books simultaneously and as a result will probably not finish all of them.

I turned seven twenty years ago, back then I played vikings with my friends in the belts of spruce that grew alongside the golf course just beyond my back-garden, there were tribal meetings and there was plundering and hunting and hiding from enemies.

I want a new dress for my upcoming graduation in spring.

I spent three hours on the phone last Sunday with first one, then another friend, I was walking round a lake and it was cold and windy and then it started to rain, I went inside a building to warm myself up, there was a gathering for Christian people there and the hall was full of families with small children running around, the signs for the toilets pointed the wrong way, I sat down at a table in a corner of the venue to rest my feet and warm up, no one bothered me.

I am agnostic.

I think turning thirty will be fine.

Published by ScandiScribe

A twenty-something half Norwegian, half English girl based in Norway. Using this blog as a platform to write and reflect on topics such as literature, music, the natural environment, gender, identity and cultural politics.

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